Solar Uptown Now is a campaign of Solarize NYC,
New York City's exciting solar movement.


What is Solarize NYC?

Solarize NYC is a local, community-led initiative that brings together groups of potential solar customers through outreach and education about installing solar on your roof. The Solarize NYC model helps customers choose solar installation companies that offer competitive, transparent pricing. Solarize NYC programs help bring community members together to purchase solar as a group. Purchasing together will help bring down the cost of solar installation for all participants. The typical Solarize model has three hallmarks:

  1. Competitive installer selection
  2. Community-led outreach and education
  3. Limited-time offer
Solarize campaigns reduce prices through competition, lower customer acquisition costs, and achieving economies of scale. Numerous variations on the Solarize model have emerged to allow room for creativity and innovation at a community-level.

Solar Uptown Now Campaign Leads


Why should I participate in Solar Uptown Now?

Going solar is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs and fight climate change. Participating in a Solarize campaign can make it cheaper and easier to go solar. Solarize NYC is partnering with community organizations in Northern Manhattan to make going solar easier for all residents. When you participate in Solar Uptown Now, staff from the partner organizations will help you work collaboratively with your neighbors and walk you through the process so you can get on your way to enjoying the benefits of solar!

WE ACT Campaign Located in Uptown Manhattan

See the map below to find out if you live inside the designated Solar Uptown Now campaign area: