Solarize Uptown Now RFP Questions and Answers

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This is a standard solarize RFP, where you are not bidding on specific projects that have been pre-identified. Solar companies are instead being asked to submit a proposal and standard pricing that will be offered to participating buildings through the campaign. The primary benefit to the selected installer is free marketing and support from WE ACT, Solar One, and UHAB; however, there are two buildings (one co-operative with 32 kilowatts of solar potential and another small residential project) that have already signed letters of intent to move forward with projects through the campaign, and the campaign partners are actively engaged with building decision-makers for dozens of additional properties that may elect to move forward through the campaign.
WE ACT is seeking pricing by system size on a dollar per watt basis based on building category, project size, and total project volume. We are also requesting information regarding potential "Adders" so participating buildings will have some level of assurance that they are receiving fair and transparent pricing that was negotiated on their behalf. All data requested under "Proposal Requirements" is required. For confidentiality measures, please see the Confidentiality Statement in the Terms and Conditions.
Many participating buildings will be interested in cash purchases and others will be interested in financing. If you have financing options that you can offer directly, please indicate that in your response. Diverse and competitive financing will strengthen your application however you may provide pricing for EPC services only.
WE ACT and its partners will be the primary entities conducting outreach and education through this campaign. Selected installers will be asked to participate in information sessions to meet potential customers, answer questions, and also to provide ongoing professional customer service to engaged buildings that are considering solar. If you have marketing and outreach resources that you are willing to contribute toward the campaign, please indicate what kinds of resources you would contribute and how you would help ensure the success of the campaign in your response as it will strengthen your proposal.
The supervising agency for HDFC co-ops is the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, not the HDC. There will be a variety of financing options utilized and the selected vendor does not need to be a registered/certified contractor with any specific affordable housing entity.
The Northern Manhattan community is defined geographically as the area of Manhattan that is north of 96th Street on the East side and 110th Street on the west side. The zip codes for this area are: 10029, 10035, 10026, 10027, 10030, 10037, 10039, 10031, 10032, 10033, 10034, 10040.
Campaign outreach is primarily focused on multifamily affordable housing, however a significant number of market rate co-ops are considering solar through the campaign as well and there are large numbers of brownstones in Harlem that may be targeted through the campaign.
Regarding insurance, please see Eligibility Requirements in the RFP: "5. Maintain insurance of the types and in the amounts specified in Article 5 of the Selected Installer(s) Participation Agreement with NYSERDA under the NY-Sun Incentive Program."
At least one company will be selected to participate in the campaign and only one company will be selected for each category, so there will be no more than three companies selected.
We are only reserving the right to get audited financials if we have additional questions that the P&L states don't cover.
Many of the participating buildings are on non-demand metered tariffs and therefore receive service under traditional NEM. We recognize that the VDER tariff is still being finalized and the campaign partners will work with the selected contractors to produce realistic solar savings projections.